• LEAST favorite moments in outlaw star (spoiler warning)
  • LEAST favorite moments in outlaw star (spoiler warning)

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    I waltz back into this convo and I'm hit with feels from all sides!
    Need to re-watch both planets... Treasure, and the demon of the water-based equivalent.
    Also, I just love how both Jim Hawkin(g)s have pink cohorts...

    It's a nice touch for us.
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    This was a good idea Mantis.

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    Wow, that's a similarity I never even considered!

    And I agree Asher, Treasure Planet is just brilliant. Pirates are cool and all, but you know what's cooler? Space cyborg pirates! Literal space pirates, that's not something you see often enough in any fiction, though I'm sure Gene would disagree with me there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mantis View Post
    Did you know that unlike Law and Lawlessness, Demon of the Water Planet wasn't actually an Outlaw Star episode. Well, specifically, it wasn't in the original broadcast like Tenrei. Only those who bought the original Japanese DVD sets (which I own, and VHS too) were originally able to see these episodes, and the show had twenty-four episodes until that time. So, quite literally, the episode was something of a filler, or rather an extra/bonus for those who bought the home releases. The reason it was where it was in the English broadcast (and the Japanese boxsets) is that these were the positions in the timeline they thought these stories would happen. Likewise, the Tenrei obligatory hot spring episode added an explanation of how Gene got the extra shells.

    I quite loved the Old Man's backstory... I think it empowered Gene's motto if anything. He lost everything but he still kept on fighting, until the end. On the other hand, when Gene believed he had lost almost everybody (fifteenth episode) he was broken. He probably would have turned into a miserable drunk if it wasn't for Shimi having a heart. As Shimi said (paraphrasing), seeing the bond Gene's group shared gave him some funny thoughts, and he saw a fake death as an exit from his old life.
    Ah, that would explain why it's listed under "specials" on myanimelist.net

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