Spike wins (and is still unmatched) in the coolness factor but I prefer Gene because of how flawed and realistic he is as a character.

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Yeah, I see what you're saying Mantis, anime fans can be pretty toxic. I've managed to avoid the majority of discussion about this series so I've fortunately not yet encountered any haters of OLS. The most criticism I've heard in regards to OLS was the animation apparently dipping in quality after the first couple episodes. This was surprising to me as it's not something I was ever bothered by, in fact I used to enjoy noticing the slight differences in animation styles between different episodes, I never viewed it as a "downgrade" of any sort. It seems as though some people go into a show (particularly when it's an old show) and look for things to nitpick rather than enjoying it for what it is.

I figured that comparisons between the two series would be made due to the similarities in setting and premise but it seems stupid to me to turn it into a competition of which is better when you could enjoy both. I was originally drawn to watch CB in the first place because I wanted something similar to Outlaw Star. Nothing will ever replace OLS for me as it's such a unique and memorable show but CB was fantastic in a different kind of way. The CB movie in particular is a big favourite of mine but that's more for personal reasons.

As for Trigun, I wanted to love that show but the humour and characters unfortunately did nothing for me. I might give it another chance as my opinions can change on second viewing but for now I can't say I'm a fan.
I think this guy sums up the CB vs OS ordeal the best: