• Would you be open to a reboot?
  • Would you be open to a reboot?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BaronOfStuff View Post
    Jesus Christ this thread is old.
    Damn, you're right. It's close to its two-year anniversary. I do let timeless threads last far longer. My original opinion was that I don't think a reboot would work at all. And actually that is still my opinion. What I think would work is season two in the form of a manga that uses the anime art style. A prequel would also be great as a manga. While a reboot of the show (in my opinion) wouldn't work as a new anime or a manga (with a whole new style different to the manga and anime) I do think that a sequel or prequel would make a good manga.

    Of course, it would never happen. (Then again, I said that about the Outlaw Star Blu-ray but that's another scenario entirely.)

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    Coming back after a long time! (Sorry for being gone, life happened....)

    (Note for Mantis: It has been a while my friend. I apologize for the big pictures in this post, I forgot how to downsize them......and I just saw my earlier post a long time ago reiterating this )

    I am personally open to a reboot for a few reasons:

    1. Art Style being consistent this time around.
    I have talked about this a LONG time ago in a Topic about what you would want in a sequel, but I feel thatís a valid point to want a reboot. The original series' biggest flaw was the inconsistent art style throughout the entire series. Some episodes would have the same art style but more often than not, the art would jump around over 3-4 different styles within the series. My two episodes I like to use to point this out is Episode 8: Forced Departure, which is my favorite art style from the show, and Episode 22: Gravity Jailbreak, which isnít awful, but its definitely different. Would you be open to a reboot?-a2fdea60-ab26-4473-9171-91236681c593-jpg Top one being Episode 8, and the bottom photo being Episodes 22 Would you be open to a reboot?-800196be-b8f6-4ae3-b41c-c59888f1e54d-jpg

    2. This is my personal opinion, but Iíd be open for an updated script, not completely altering the episodes, but just the dialogue exchanged between characters. I feel that some typical anime tropes were used within the series. I know that it is an anime and will use these elements; however, it has dated itself in doing so. I supposed even a change in the tone at times wouldnít be bad.

    Of course, as long as they arenít butchering it, I would love to see a reboot or even a movie about a job the Outlaw Star Crew takes. Anything at this point would make me happy hahaha. Hell, everybody is remaking/rebooting/remastering things from the past, why not this anime?!
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