• Tiny Details in Outlaw Star
  • Tiny Details in Outlaw Star

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    Well I know what I will be doing! I am going to be re-watching the series for the first time in like 15 years. I will be keeping an eye out for these little details. I find that this is an example of how brilliant, artistic, and poetic an anime can be. Outlaw Star is definitely underrated.

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    I've been gradually producing a list of Gene's kill count which has involved moving frame-by-frame to get a good snapshot of each kill. On the fourth episode I found something really cool when Gene opens the Farfallus airlock to suck out the Kei Pirates.

    Tiny Details in Outlaw Star-olspikachu-jpg

    What the hell's Pikachu doing here? Sunrise was probably animating this episode shortly after the Pokémon anime started broadcasting in Japan, so I can see why they wanted Pikachu dead once and for all.
    Gene: "Have faith in me guys, enjoy the ride—you're in good hands. I can handle this. I can do it!"
    Jim: "How do you know?"
    Gene: "I don't!"
    Jim: "I knew it."
    Gene: "That's okay. There's a first time for everything!"

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    Not really hidden but found it amusing in Ep 14 The Final Countdown with Cracker Jack the advertising satellite was blasting the Outlaw Star intro song.
    "(21:31:30) Kokirininja: will she notice the globs of glue....?
    (21:31:56) TheMachetejoe: Nope! I'm as stealthy as a mouse...on bear adrenaline."
    "(18:42:32) Hannah: I like to giggle when I sit in chairs."
    "(19:46:20) lloydSSJ4: I was contemplating my similarities with Fred Luo, while making a sandwhich."
    Referring to Spammers
    (23:27:52) Mantis: I'm thinking of banning the whole of the Philippines from the site.
    (23:27:56) Mantis: The whole bloody country.
    (23:28:05) Mantis: Because that's where most of the parasites come from.

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