• Can anyone help me with this picture?
  • Can anyone help me with this picture?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wanderer View Post
    I always wondered. What did you do for work when you lived there?
    Did you wrote a blog about this or something like that?
    I'm not sure if I have actually explained my time in Japan on this forum. I've never written a blog or anything like that, so don't worry...you didn't miss it.
    While Mantis is away from the site I will start a journal here on OSN to introduce myself, keep track of events & changes, and chronicle my thoughts so he can catch up all in one place. I will TRY to update that weekly, but you can read it as well to learn more about me if you care to!

    This thread is for OLS merchandise so I'll stop talking about myself now

    l3ombyx, couldyou keep us informed if you find anything interesting through those websites or the link Mantis mentioned?
    "Out of the ground, raze all greenery with flame! Fire2!"
    Quote Originally Posted by Starwind55 View Post
    It deals with a demon virus that transforms people into freaky looking fuckers

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    I'll check out the subreddit then! : D Ah I've heard of Mandarake, I've used it before looking for old figmas. No biggy if I can't find another scroll, but I'll definitely keep and eye out and keep you updated! Is there anything you guys are looking for in particular? Unfortunately I don't really know what's rare and what isn't.

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