Short answer: YouTube

Long answer: I was working on a crossover RPG with RPG Maker VXAce. I was collecting various character sprites and was going to make a roster based on who had VXAce style sprites available. A spriter on deviantArt made a ton of video game and anime character sprites. They even made two sprites for Gene Starwind! One with cloak and one without. I hadn't thought of Outlaw Star in a while, and it got me thinking about it. I decided I really wanted Gene Starwind to be one of the party members in this Crossover RPG project, but there was a hurdle. RPG Maker uses "battler" art for characters. Full body images of characters or monsters, preferably in a battle ready pose. I've always had trouble with this when it comes to anime characters. The best I can usually find is idle poses which are usually concept art anyway. The plethora of mobile games with anime collabs provides some perfect artwork for this situation, but an Outlaw Star collab? One can only dream...Anyway, I've been scouring the internet for official Gene Starwind art, and I can't seem to find much. I know insisting on using official art as opposed to fanart for a fangame is a bit silly, but it's how I do things for now. I spent some time editing a picture (removing the white background to get transparency) and I wanted to listen to Outlaw Star music while I did. After listening to the OP, I wanted more, and I found some of Mantis' OST videos on YouTube. Saw the link, and thought "why not?" After spending like half an hour picking a username and I am.