• Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals?
  • Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zemekis View Post
    Yeah, I can totally see things from your point of view as well. When it degrades to just gift-giving and shopping & wish lists it feels sort of empty. That's a large part of why I make certain to keep Church in the mix and spend plenty of my holiday hours just talking with family aside from the gift exchange. In my family at least Christmas hasn't been reduced to a husk of what it used to mean, it's still equal parts showing love to my family, spiritual, and gift-giving.
    I am happy for you. I don't know anyone who has this going for them. Most families just mindlessly go through the motions of it. I remember growing up and it being about family, church, food, playing games with everyone, watching holiday movies. The gifts were just a bonus.

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    Well, I purchased Topaz Labs' software suite today. It's been a while since I've spent this much on software, but it really is worth every penny. Current AI upscaling technology really is something else. We always used to laugh at shit like geeks blowing crappy VHS-style images up to 1000% their size in sci-fi films and TV, but lately I'm getting more and more convinced that such absurdity is slowly but surely becoming a reality. And Gigapixel is just one of these programs.

    It was $255 for the whole shebang, and since I really need Gigapixel for the Outlaw Star manga, damn good deal. I miss the days of just buying a package and that's that, especially when you get future patches free. Nowadays I'm always paying for Adobe's Creative Cloud. It's a damn rip-off and I'll never own the product.

    Sorry for the tangent. Tl;dr: I'm enjoying this Black Friday. I've bought some nice Christmas presents for the family. As annoying as Black Friday can be (especially with how much it drags) I'm pretty sure they'll be happy with my gifts. I probably put more thought into Christmas than I should and took the time to research instead of mindlessly buying whatever, but honestly I enjoy giving more than receiving. Odd I know.
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