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    My teeth fell out, so I put them back in and carried on doing whatever stupid thing I was doing.

    I don't know if it's supposed to be some sort of anxiety dream but it's not working.
    "It turned out that the ghost was just Mr. Finley, who ran the amusement park. The spooky part is that, as soon as the ghost appeared, the teenagers' dog began to speak! And it spoke in a tortured parody of human speech: 'relp me, Raggy,' it would say. 'I am an abomination and rould re rilled. Rill re, Raggy.'"

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    Had this zany dream last night about an anime-styled Dark Souls/Death Stranding game. On the surface it was a third-person action game like Souls, but the goal was to get to the end of the stage while wearing the heaviest stuff you can. The armor was comically large and you moved at a snail's pace. There were stats like Health, Endurance, Carry Weight, etc. Loading up on more weight would give you exp towards your Endurance level as your built muscles from carrying heavy shit. The soundtrack was killer, but this jackass kept popping up in these Metal Gear Solid-style codec calls and it ruined the flow of the game. It caused me to get hit by enemies a lot because he would call as I was trying to avoid them & it took up the whole screen when his dumb face popped up.
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