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    The last thing I went out to buy (that isn't groceries) was Bloodborne, which was in 2015. God knows why, maybe I thought it'd be a fun experience? Funnily enough, it actually ended up costing an additional 5, maybe even 10 since it was about 50 if I remember correctly. Throw in another 5 for the bus ticket and you have a shitty waste of a day out in Luton.

    I've gradually been overcoming my agoraphobia by going out to the supermarket near me, it's a good 5-10 minute walk so it's a decent way of getting some fresh air and sunshine as well as exercise. If I lived in a busy town center I'd definitely be less enthusiastic about it, but it's usually nice and quiet around here. Like Mantis, I would have laughed if you told me that grocery shopping was some kind of 'social activity', but I've honestly found it enjoyable looking around at all the nice food and deciding what to buy, then looking forward to cooking it when I get home. It's fair enough walking 10 minutes down the road to buy some food, but I definitely wouldn't go into town to do my shopping, it's just not worth the hassle.

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    I buy a huge amount from Amazon, even started getting the shopping from Prime Now occasionally. It's just so convenient.

    I did hear that if you buy your supermarket shopping online and get it delivered though it actually causes them a loss and keeps people in work, because they have to do your shop then someone else deliver it.

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