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    1. My hair is so curly that it looks about half as long as it actually is.
    2. Stephen King is my favorite author.
    3. I love indie music.
    4. I'm a university student.
    5. My favorite sport is soccer. (And my favorite club is Arsenal. COYG)

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    New York City
    1. I have a serious craving for eating chocolate ice cream with piping hot french fries at times.
    2.I like to make smartass comments whenever I watch a movie by myself.
    3. Currently working out to lose weight (and succeeding at a slow pace).
    4. Starting to find myself enjoying viking/folk metal music.
    5. I can't help watching kitten videos when I'm bored (so cute...)

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    *blond, tall, skinny, blue eyes, rather short hair*
    *I have a pet dog, he's a yorkshire terrier, and his name is Tofik*
    *from Poland*
    *I'm a Harry Potter fan*
    *I smoke a pack of cigarettes everyday*
    *I used to cut, and my hand is all in scars*

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    Yes, I'm randomly reviving this a year later. Because...Random facts are fun.

    -As stated above, I love random facts. Such as bananas being berries and strawberries not being berries.
    -I have no sense of smell, not sure why I never noted that in my last post here. Though I bring it up a lot so maybe that's why...
    -I hear around ten times louder than the average person (sadly not a superhero).
    -I find snakes and centipedes cute....and 99% of the animal and insect kingdoms.
    -My household has been described as 'walking medicine cabinets' by friends because we research medicine and have been on too many too often.
    -I tend towards low blood pressure. Please don't assume that's why I'm not a morning person...It's not why. They're unrelated.
    "I don't know what words I can say
    The wind has a way to talk to me
    Flowers sleep, a silent lullaby
    I pray for reply
    I'm ready"
    -Melfina's Song

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    This is a pretty good topic idea. Good way to learn about someone. Especially since we don't have the opportunity for one on one personal interactions!

    -Pre Ordained Minister and I have performed two Wedding Ceremonies so far.

    -I am a Vegan. I was a vegetarian before then for a little over 5 years before finally deciding to go all the way.

    -Happily married to my wife for a little over 2 years now.

    -Have two dogs. One is a girl named Chili and a boy named Apollo

    -Love to shoot guns. But I don't hunt nor kill animals.

    -Never smoked a cigarette in my life nor tried drugs such as Marijuana. But I do drink.

    -I possess a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) for work. Basically I can drive those big trucks that you see plowing streets during the winter season when snow is falling.

    -Craft Beer enthusiast

    Picture was taken last Friday when I was in Arkansas visiting my dad for ThanksgivingRandom Things About Yourself-img_1480472608-542515-jpg
    "We All Make Choices. But In The End, Our Choices Make Us."
    -Andrew Ryan

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    -worked in an Alaskan cannery
    -had a hazardous waste certificate thing I never used
    -taught English in South Korea and had a lot of drinks and memories
    -stuck back in my hometown where things are slower and I crave adventure

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