• Where would you go in time if time travel was an option?
  • Where would you go in time if time travel was an option?

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    I'd be flying all over the time, altering each principal occasion in human history to peer how the future turns out, the good, the horrific, the ugly. I might deliver lief erikson a leg up on north usa and inform him to head south closer to what we name the chesapeake bay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeeYouSpaceStarwind View Post
    To the 2000's, baby. (00-09) A nostalgia thing more than anything.

    Such a special time to me personally. Technology was the best it ever was, without being too advanced, y'know? Particularly the internet. It felt like a Wild West back then. You could drift along and find like 10 new sites you'd never seen before, and you never knew what you would get. Felt more tight-knit. Back when people would create content for the heck of it and not money/ads, Flash games, youtube videos, you name it. It's not the same anymore. I'd love to mess around on it one last time.

    Edit: Hell, even this forum reminds me of the 2000's haha! I think that's part of the reason I love it!
    I was thinking exactly this when I opened the thread. I love the internet from the 2000ís (and I wasnít even on it then ). Still, I see what the internet used to be vs. what it is now and it seems so vastly different back then.

    I prefer forums exponentially over social-media. This forum (and the forum on which I met Mantis) give me lots of nostalgia (to a time I was never around for anyway ). Thatís probably why Iím on here, having never even heard of Star Nexus before joining

    But: Would I take the risk of time-travel? Depends how I felt on the day, I think, but might be too scared and certainly wouldnít want to leave family behind!

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