• Notre Dame Cathedral Fire
  • Notre Dame Cathedral Fire

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    I just had to drop my line, didn't i ?
    Yeah, the fire is a very sad news and anyone who denies it a complete jackass.
    Also i doubt this fire has much to do with anti-christian attacks or anything.
    Historians and people working to keep these buildings standing have been complaining about the cruel lack of means given for this sake.
    However there is one thing i understand : many people's outrage at the donations announced. Don't get me wrong, those are a good thing.
    However the scandalous thing is that all those people donating tenths or even hundreds of millions for the Notre Dame rebuilding only moved now, when with all their wealth they could have been a crucial help to keep our patrimony safe, or at least safer. It is also a big red flag when the governments are going further and further in their neoliberal economic policy saying <<we have to, there is no money...>> and then bam ! The people benefiting from those policies dropping hundreds of millions of euros, too late, after the Solidarity Wealth Tax has been abolished. This wealth could have saved Notre Dame along with thousands of lives.

    To sum it up : people laughing at the fire are stupid people who disrespect the country, and people dropping a huge amount of money too late after whining they needed help simply disrespect the people.
    Never overestimate mankind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mantis View Post
    I didn't even know about those other fires in France. Even though I don't check the news every single day, I do most days. Frankly I'm not surprised that I hadn't learnt of this.

    I think Paul Joseph Watson's video really sums up the main issues here.

    What is sad is if we flipped this narrative around, people would be outraged. Everyone on that Facebook list would lose their jobs and every extremist in Hellywood would be calling out to hurt them. We live in a truly mad world. Clowns and balloon animals are all I see anymore.

  3. Agree Mantis agreed with this post

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