• What are your perspectives regarding  religions and traditions !
  • What are your perspectives regarding  religions and traditions !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juneberry View Post
    I was born into a Jewish family, and so Judaism dictates I am Jewish even if I don't believe in it or practice it- which I don't. It's technically that Judaism says 'if your mom is Jewish, you're Jewish' but...My parents both are. So yay?

    In regards to general religions and traditions of them...I find the most fascinating religions are agnostic ones. I do like Buddhism, but I also always love the stories of the Nordic mythology to the point I own a copy of one of its works: the Poetic Edda. The stories are enchanting to me, and the concept of different worlds bound together by a tree of life is pretty neat. And it's an Ash tree. Ash trees are my namesake [offline name: Ashley], so that makes me happy too.

    In general, I consider myself an 'eclectic pagan' of sorts. I'm spiritual and believe that all creatures of the world from trees to people and everything in between has a spirit. I don't believe in hell [I do keep that from my Judaism studies as a kid. No hell! Yay!]. But...My idea of heaven isn't really existent either. It might exist but...I think this world is the only notable one to me. I don't believe in a god per say, but more an eclectic group of more powerful spirits.

    Oh. I also do like one or two traditions/stories from Judaism: Sukkot [the harvest festival, basically] and Chanukah. The story behind Chanukah is lovely, even if i deem it insane. And hey, eight days of presents? Who doesn't want that in a commercialistic society? Though...I wish tradition didn't say the youngest has to do things like light the candles...Pyrophobia doesn't mix well with being the youngest...

    But honestly I like anyone regardless of their religion as long as they're tolerant and don't shove it down my throat. But if they use their religion to be insensitive/intolerant to those who either don't believe or conform to your 'moral compass' [such as anti semitism, anti-LGBT, etc]...I'm more likely to want to knock you upside the skull or kill you off in a short story to ease my temper. ^^;
    I don't believe in hell either!

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    I think that my personal views differ a little from my overall sense of history and culture that surrounds them. It is a tough one though because there is so much there but a lot of times it makes you wonder why for everything,

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