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My general worry is that it is influencing a problem. Teens and kids are impressionable. Seeing this amount of sex or sexuality can't be good. Things like rape come to mind for me. It seems to be a bigger issue with boys than girls because boys tend to lose control of their hormones and their sexual desires. For girls, I think it is more or less a mental thing.. they believe they have to be like these women to be desirable which isn't good either. Seeing 13 to 17 year olds dressing like Las Vegas dancers... it is not a good thing. Morals, religion, politics aside... Kids should be important here because they can grow up to do wonderful or horrific things.
Although I consider myself Libertarian in many ways, I have grown an appreciation for things like Subtlety and Class.

It's not just children that I worry about. It's everyone.

What is a music video projecting onto us by showing scantily clad women performing such acts?
These are women who have no humility, no shame. And the men enable it. Mainly, their fathers, if they even have father figures in their lives.

What I see in pop culture media today is, at least in a manner of speaking, satanic. It is about surrendering your self-control for your passions. It is a projection of a rapidly degenerating culture in its own little world, thinking that the abundance around them is real and will last forever (because it isn't, and it won't. See debt-based currency).

"Behavioral sink" is a term I suggest everyone get acquainted with, because it will grow to become more and more relevant as the years pass and nothing is done about it.