• English dubs-the good, the bad and the ugly
  • English dubs-the good, the bad and the ugly

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    They are also efficient at displaying their displeasure in the english language

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    I thought of this thread last weekend when my buddy came over. We were in the car going someplace, when he mentions that he just watched Evangelion. This guy is reddit-tier and SUPER behind the times on stuff UNLIKE ME. I'm an anime master (aka, subs > dubs).

    Jokes aside, he had just watched the series but he watched it on Netflix so he experienced the Netflix re-dub without even realizing it. This brings the argument to an entirely new level. Once a beloved series gets re-dubbed or re-casted (Pokemon, One Piece, Evangelion)....then what? As I mentioned above I'm not a sub/dub warrior. I have my personal preference, but that's all it is. I don't know what it is about anime subs and dubs in particular that get both sides so worked up. Dub fans approach the situation with such a defensive attitude, as if they have something to hide that they know is wrong. Sub fans always come in guns-blazing trying to belittle everyone else. I just don't understand why anyone gives a shit at all how someone else watches anime hundreds or thousands of miles away on their own TV in their own house.

    I should go put this on some thread somewhere about movies to play into the whole 'Zem hates live-action' bit, but I really love both the dub and original Japanese versions of most Ghibli films. Totoro & Spirited Away have excellent dubs for most characters & even Ponyo is passable. Some of the older 80's stuff, however....stick to the subbed version.
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