• Do you like subtitles or dubbed when watching anime?
  • Do you like subtitles or dubbed when watching anime?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mantis View Post
    This as well. I have a 85" projector screen and trust me, subtitled anime is often not very easy at all! Especially since I always watch something when I'm having dinner and that will sometimes be anime. When you have a big screen you really do have to look down and up to focus on subtitles and what's going on. Additionally you'll often have to regularly pause when eating as with most food you sometimes need to look at your plate. Doesn't necessarily make somebody a lazy reader but it sure is a royal pain in the ass.
    I will sometimes sit and focus on a movie or anime, but most often I am eating. Unless I have someone to talk to while watching.

    I could of course make time to watch anime if I really wanted, but I don't. Not lately, anyway. So I take the opportunity to watch something while I'm eating, be it a documentary or anime, whatever. Then I go back to work.

    So yeah, having to read on top of that while eating is not fun.[/quote]

    Lately I'd rather wait for something to be dubbed. I even did that with the last Evangelion film and what a disappointment that was. Not because of the dub, but I can't believe I waited excitedly for years for such a turd. There's plenty of great anime that's already dubbed well, so I'd rather watch some older good stuff while waiting for the new series to get a dub.
    There is so much media out there these days, and there is only so much time in the day... I think I read somewhere that you would have to live hundreds of years in order to have seen all of it. And even if you did, would it really be worth it?

    When it comes to bad English and things being lost in translation, why do few people have a go at scanlators who probably learned Japanese by watching anime? (Best way to learn I hear!) Millions of people read fan-translated manga that is hosted (without giving credit to the scanlators) on websites like Mangafox but they don't bat an eye despite how they're often awful translations. And how come most people who fan-dub anime seem to get a free pass from validly harsh criticism? I guess it only sucks if it's done by a professional.
    Good voice actors and translators probably aren't cheap, then factor in Copyright and all that junk and you have a fairly expensive production on the audio alone (not to mention the soundtrack, which also needs to be good and not some generic POS).

    From what I've seen, most anime production companies only seem to care about making the quickest return on investment. That's why it's like they just pump hundreds of shows into existence, only for them to disappear without even finishing the season

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    Wow, I found my post here from 5 years ago.

    My opinion still hasn't really changed. It depends on the show. I'll typically default to dub just for the ease of it, but there have been a few times that I've switched over to watching the sub, for a variety of reasons.
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    I prefer subs in general. After all, it has more emotion. Also, the weight of the words feel heavier. Meanwhile, most dubs are just cheap imitations. Also, they try too hard to lip sync.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KloeRinz View Post
    I prefer subs in general. After all, it has more emotion. Also, the weight of the words feel heavier. Meanwhile, most dubs are just cheap imitations. Also, they try too hard to lip sync.
    I beg to differ. If anything, a lot of the helium-injected Japanese voice actresses (especially in slice of life) sound anything but natural. And we all know there's nothing heavy about helium. A lot of voices in good English dubs (and there's a lot of them) sound suitably heavy to me. Keep in mind that some of the time even the original Japanese dubbing is based on improvisation due to animation being a different department to voice recording. And even if that weren't true, many western studios do a genius job of writing expressive scripts that fit the original context. Applying the "cheap imitation" label to our dubs adds to the already-negative reputation anime fans have nowadays.
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    I like subs more than dubs, there's this Japanese thing, I should call it essence or something that is lost when it's dubbed in English. Its better sounding if it's dubbed by native japanese but if it's dubbed by other English speakers, the Japanese essence or spirit is lost. It's the way Japanese pronounce the English lines, there's this peculiarity about it. So I like it better subbed. When it comes to English dubbed, its okay with me if dubbed by native japanese.

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