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    I think I'll sell the T-Virus. I'm sure the Umbrella Corporation would pay me very generously for it. Then I'll buy some private islands and live there to escape the aftermath. I don't know how you'd "borrow" hepatitis C. If it meant being infected, that's not too bad since it can be treated, apparently quite easily if done very quickly. Or if it meant borrowing the virus in a vial or something, I'd just leave it alone then give it back.

    I'll keep the 8-foot arms so I can finally live out my childhood dreams.

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    I don't know how to approach this. I never heard of any of these games and after watching a bit of each video, I am thankful of that fact LOL!

    I guess I would keep the Hotel Mario since it is a Mario game. I would sell the Crazy Bus game, maybe make a few dimes for it I would borrow Hong Kong for laughs but honestly would want to sell it... I just don't think anyone would buy it. lol

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