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The contact lenses, lighting, makeup, and editing make them almost look human. Technology is amazing.

I don't care if people want to be scummy or whatever, and i don't care if a shitbag gets famous. The problem i have with it is if they do a bunch of moral grandstanding despite being a shithead and people eat it up. It terrifies me that the average person is so easily fooled and shepherded. It's cult-like the way these dead eyed "celebs" can direct public opinion. So many people are empty and looking for direction and meaning, so they listen to the words coming out of the TV.
There is a reason why a lot of famous people end up on drugs, drinking severely, or committing suicide. I think you have to be truly crazy to want to be famous. I would never want to be famous unless it was for something nobile or where I was not in direct lime-light like an author or something. Even then, I would just want the wealth that comes with it so I can buy a zoo and ignore people. lol