• How do you feel about the next James Bond film?
  • How do you feel about the next James Bond film?

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    I watched some of the Bond movies and enjoyed them. I loved the idea of a spy who had that level of charisma and wit about him.

    The thought of the main focus of a James Bond film being a woman is insulting. It is insulting to the series, it is insulting to the diehard fans, and it is insulting to women who can think for themselves. Imagine taking a Tombraider film and making the main focus on a man instead of a woman. Not only should women and fans be insulted, but so should men. Why? You are taking a long series with the main focus being held of high regard to one sex and flipping it. Instead of creating a new story or film, you are simply throwing a bone to the opposite sex to feel "progressive".

    I can't even enjoy films anymore because so many of them are part of "woke culture" and heavily invested in sexism, racism, and insulting customs that mean a lot to me. Everything is about gender and color. It is tiresome and annoying.

    "this film is too white!"

    "where is the female lead!?"

    "why is the main focus on another white man?"

    "typical, all the smart characters are white!"

    That is all I ever hear these days.

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    Yeah, next thing you know, they'll make Zelda into a girl!
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    It deals with a demon virus that transforms people into freaky looking fuckers

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