• What game(s) are you currently playing?
  • What game(s) are you currently playing?

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    I've been playing Maximum Action for the PC. It's in early access so it's still rough around the edges but even in it's early stage, it's still awesome to play. It takes it's inspiration from John Woo's early Hong Kong movies as well as action movies in general so me being a whore for such things, I knew that I had to give it a whirl. You can deal wield just about anything and the weapons feel great to use (It feels better than most AAA games do). Diving through the air in slow-motion while gunning down dirtbags never gets old. The graphics do go for a retro look. It kind of reminds me of the graphical style of Syphon Filter back on the PS1. Even some of the character models look similar. As I mentioned, it's still buggy (Guns fall through the grounds, sound effects cut out the music sometimes) but I wouldn't let that scare you off. New Blood Interactive (Who also worked on Dusk, another great retro style FPS)is helping out with the development so I'm confident that this is going to get polished in the future. I'd recommend checking it out.

    I also got Bloodstained recently. I haven't had the chance to play it but it looks really cool from what I've seen of it so I'm looking forward to trying it out.

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    I recently started replaying Final Fantasy VII, mostly because I was so curious about the Remako HD mod. The modder used AI to upscale the pre-rendered backgrounds and various textures. The results are eye-popping. I thought it was good timing with the Final Fantasy VIII remaster around the corner.

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    When you look at the original renders that are pixelated, muddy and dithered (yet, CRT televisions gave an illusion of more detail back in the day) this quality is almost unbelievable. I'm also using the New Threat mod that changes the game a damn lot. Alas, the mod is having problems with my GPD WIN 2 for whatever reason. Until I fix that (or the modders) which I'd been trying for days FFVII is on hold. However, they're not the only ones who have been experimenting with AI upscaling. I recently upscaled backgrounds from Parasite Eve II.

    Unfortunately, since it's a PS1 game with no ports, replacing the old backgrounds with upscaled ones is the tricky part. Anyhow, example...

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    Can't find the exact image I worked from, but this is close enough.

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    Not perfect yet but I'm getting there.
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    Completed Skies of Arcadia and I'm riiiight at the end of Vagrant Story. 1/3 through Okami as well, my buddy popped the disc in 2 weekends ago and we blasted through a lot of it in a sitting. Next up once I finish those: Final Fantasy X-2 Remastered, the newest FF XIV expansion (kinda already playing that in-between the others), more RuneScape, and Lunar: Silver Star Story (thanks for reminding me to finish that one, Starwind!!!)
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