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    Quote Originally Posted by Mantis View Post
    Since I'm putting myself through this Chinese RPG binge, you need to return the favour by finally giving Chrono Trigger a full chance.
    I've been meaning to reply to this for weeks, but every time I login I jump into new posts and forget to do so. "putting myself through" sounds as if it's painful for you to play JRPGs. I don't think that was meant to be taken seriously, but I am curious if you've found them less enjoyable in recent years? I never challenged anyone to play anything! I don't like being prodded to play/watch things so I'd never do that to you for an entire game series or genre, feel free to back out of FF at any time! Real fans won't hold it against you! Although I will accept this push since Chrono Trigger is one I've meant to get around to.

    The trouble with a chronological playthrough of the series is that the old games...well...feel really, really old. You're starting off with the worst momentum-killers the series has to offer. If I recall, I think you bounced off the first two, and those weren't even the original hyper-jank versions. You've got to either 1. be masochistic, or 2. really love bare-bones JRPG mechanics to the point that the jank doesn't bother you. I'm a member of camp #2, no matter how many I play it's always satisfying for me to grind & watch stats go up. That's all the first 3 games offer anymore because the story is an afterthought in all 3 cases.

    On the topic of Chrono Trigger...while I have said that it's not really appealing to me, I hope it didn't come across like I was dismissing the game as a whole. I'm not a fan of how Chrono looks & I've played some of the Mana series so I know that the battle system isn't for me (too action-y) HOWEVER it's a classic and I've never gone hands-on with it. It's 100% on my radar and it's getting very close to the top of my backlog list, which is shockingly growing rather small. Having never played it, I can't say that I dislike the game. It was more of a dis-interest. I will certainly be giving this game a fair shake soon. I'll even put a time-frame on that: before making this post, I went ahead and added Chrono Trigger to my birthday and Christmas lists and sent it out. If I get the game, I will start it either during my Christmas break from work or at worst during the Winter (prior to March 20th).

    When I mention my backlog it's literally a stack of games on a card-table next to my TV that are upcoming, which probably sounds crazy to other people that don't plan things as meticulously as I do. Since I don't own a copy of Chrono Trigger it's not in the stack, but it's currently holding an honorary 2nd position after Xenosaga Episode 1 (I'm 2 bosses from the end on that) at your request. THIS IS A FORMAL COMMITMENT

    If I don't get the game for my birthday/Christmas then I may need to modify this a bit but i'll try to keep the March 20th deadline regardless.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Starwind55 View Post
    It deals with a demon virus that transforms people into freaky looking fuckers

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    Chrono Trigger is my personal favourite game of all time. I'm not one for RPGs at all really, but I'm a massive sucker for anything involving time travel. Oh, and I love Dragob Ball and Akira Toriyama's work so the art style is great for me also.
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