• Is music addictive?
  • Is music addictive?

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    I would say that music is addictive. I always have to be listening to something, no matter what I do. I don't even sleep right without music: I have a radio tuned to a rock station in my bedroom at all times. The only times I won't listen to music is when I need to really concentrate on something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gad View Post
    I once watched a show that had some amazing facts. They were saying that in music there are certain keys that facilitate addiction. Many producers know those notes and therefore in every song that they produce, it will tend to follow the notes. This makes the songs be addictive to the masses' brains. I do not know how this is true but all I know is that we cannot do without music.
    If this really is true, then music can be used to hypnotize, and that is scary to say the least. I don't think music is addictive but rather theraputic as you said. I find that listening to music before going to work clears my mind and makes room for new experiences. Too much music and I don't feelo like leaving my bed. Music can trigger certain emotions and soothe the soul. I mostly find that music is a good companion when you are lonely too.

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    Music is not really addictive for me. I just love listening to music while I'm doing something. I feel so relaxed while listening to it. Music always makes me do my task easy. It makes me become more productive each day. Music affects our emotions and can be used in our daily lives for relaxation, to gain energy when feeling drained.

    Although the nature and style of the music can cause specific responses in the brain like funky music compels you to dance, sad music makes you melancholy, it really depends on our personal preference. Given the extreme variation in musical preferences from person to person, exposing your workforce to a single type of music would obviously end up with mixed results.

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    Strictly speaking, YES. Music can be addicting. It causes the release of dopamine in the brain. Therefore you may feel a temptation to listen to music as your reward circuitry recognizes what caused the feeling of high. However, it's not like drugs though. It does not hijack your pleasure biochemistry, no negative repercussions, no withdrawal symptoms.

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