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Thread: My AMV Thread

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    RE: My AMV Thread

    Sick amv majin. The 2:20-4:30 segment was freaking awesome.
    "(21:31:30) Kokirininja: will she notice the globs of glue....?
    (21:31:56) TheMachetejoe: Nope! I'm as stealthy as a mouse...on bear adrenaline."
    "(18:42:32) Hannah: I like to giggle when I sit in chairs."
    "(19:46:20) lloydSSJ4: I was contemplating my similarities with Fred Luo, while making a sandwhich."
    Referring to Spammers
    (23:27:52) Mantis: I'm thinking of banning the whole of the Philippines from the site.
    (23:27:56) Mantis: The whole bloody country.
    (23:28:05) Mantis: Because that's where most of the parasites come from.

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    RE: My AMV Thread

    Yeah there is some spoilers in the Gurren Lagann one Mantis. Thanks for the feedback on the Bebop AMV. I think the song fits perfectly with Bebop and I just love it in general.

    Kokiri: Thanks a lot man! ^^

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