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    Not a lot happening in my personal life that's different than what I've already spoken of. I got a dog a few months ago and she was old enough to get spayed so we did that last Friday, she's still recovering which has made walking her more difficult than it was before. She is a bundle of energy so it's tough to convince her to walk calmly for her own sake.

    I'll be going on a business trip to Delaware on Tuesday, so that should be fun? It'll get me out of my office at least. I'll be returning home the same night, so it's not a multi-day trip or anything. Sorry, if any of my fans on this site were hoping to attend an autograph session or anything. Fun factoid: I was born in Delaware and this will only be my 2nd time returning to the state since we moved away 24 years ago. It's such a small state that I could easily modify my route home and pass by the place I was born.

    As for future plans...well...I intend to finish my 100% playthrough of the FFVIII Remaster, then back to Tales of Vesperia & Yakuza Kiwami 2. In a few weeks I'll be playing Death Stranding and Shenmue 3 shortly after that. I've been reading Initial D, I Am A Hero, and I caught up to the most recent volume of Attack on Titan. On the Outlaw Star front - I'm still waiting on the translation for the next Light Novel chapter. Then I'll edit it ASAP and deliver it for my loving readers.

    I've been thinking about going back to recording some YouTube videos with my friends. The problem is, they don't/can't drink much anymore so if I'm the only one boozing and being annoying then it will just make me look like an alcoholic by comparison.
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    It deals with a demon virus that transforms people into freaky looking fuckers

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    A new dog like that is always a handful to deal with. How old is the dog exactly? I imagine that the thing is probably running around like a crack addict.

    Ah, Tales of Vesperia. I remember that we talked about the Tales franchise in another thread. I wouldn't mind giving Vesperia a run since I heard great things. Since you're more into the franchise, would you say that game is a good place to start or is there another game that would be a better start? Yakuza is another one I want to get into. The only one I played was Yakuza 0 which I quite liked mainly because it felt like the closest we'd ever get to a modern version of River City Ransom. The other games are on my list to play but I have too many fucking games that I need to play. I keep forgetting Shenmue 3 comes out this year. That's another one but I'm gonna be busy with Doom Eternal when it comes out in November.

    I'd join ya for the youtube thing but I prefer to keep a low profile online otherwise I'd love to drink and game with ya some more. I suppose there's always our get togethers with Mantis.

    Anywho, that's all I got to say on the matter. Looking forward to the next light novel chapter!

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