• How long could you go without Internet?
  • How long could you go without Internet?

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    I believe that this is the current situation. Personally, I cannot do without the internet. I am all over my phone checking emails and interacting with friends on social media. Everything is being digitalized. We have companies now making sure that their websites are top notch to attract customers. Payments are being done online. Shopping for items is easier online. Therefore it is utterly impossible to stay without accessing the internet.

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    Can You Live Without Technology?

    Most people rely on technology with almost everything. We have different electronic gadgets (laptops, tablets, phones etc.) and we use them differently. I have a laptop and a smartphone and I use them for communication and entertainment, but mostly for work. Since technology has been a great help for me, and I use it to earn money, I think I can consider it as a common necessity.

    How about you? Can you live without technology?

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    I guess if I won't have any problem about getting food then I might be able to live without tech. I work online full time, this pays the bills and brings food on the table. If ever I would be living on a mountain where I can hunt animals and the place has a ton of vegetables and fruits, I might consider living there. A lot of people might say I'm a bit mental but I would rather live a life like that on top of a mountain than grind everyday just to have food on the table.

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    I decided to merge this with the other thread which is very similar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyrell View Post
    I used to go out and drink a lot before I started spending so much time on the internet. For me this is a healthier lifestyle.
    This was my response to people who showed scorn toward me when I was gaming more. I figured it was better than going out partying all the time. The funny thing is that some of those same people were the ones who were in bars every night or being potatoes with their face glued to the TV. Like what they were doing was better than playing a video game.

    I miss it too. I'm looking for a great game for my "free" time. As soon as I find some time, that is.

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