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    It cost me $70, which may be on the expensive side, I don't know. Art is subjective and all of that! Commissions are great if you have a cool idea for a drawing but are lacking in artistic talent, you can just pay someone else to do it.

    He goes by Toonimated if you guys are interested in seeing his other work (http://toonimated.com/), I really love his style of drawing. It kind of has a Scott Pilgrim look to it, and he uses a lot of watercolors. I'm gonna ask him to draw Gene next time, I bet that would look rad. People often compare Trigun to Outlaw Star, so...

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    My phone background is the default Samsung Galaxy background as I like it and I can't be bothered to mind a better background to be honest. My laptop background is of a sunset in California. Just thought it would be a nice relaxing thing to see either when I first log on or when I'm shutting down my laptop. As you can see, I like to keep my desktop clean and tidy as well so I don't have any files or shortcuts on it . It's just nice to have it clean because it just looks better plus it also speeds up your startup. This is the background - The Post Your Background Thread-a4j3sw-jpg

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    The Post Your Background Thread

    Figured I'd share what I spent a few hours on. One of the most fun things about it is that the wallpapers are animated. You might want to click it since it's my landscape monitor and my portrait monitor—kinda cramped here.

    The Post Your Background Thread-desktop-jpg

    The animated wallpapers were made possible with Wallpaper Engine which I got on Steam. For all the grouped icons and folders I used Fences which is great software. For all the other things I used Rainmeter which is excellent if you search hard enough for the best skins.

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    I don't have a tablet or anything, but this is my laptop background:

    The Post Your Background Thread-722200-jpg

    I'm considering changing it soon. Any suggestions?
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