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Thread: Who Are You?

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    RE: Who Are You?

    Usually, I'm not very keen on sharing personal information or my picture on the Internet, but since this is an Outlaw Star forum with dedicated fans, why the hell not?
    First, this was a fruit salad I made because I wanted a candid picture of me eating it, but the lighting in the kitchen here is terrible, so whatever. Basically, I cut up a half dozen strawberries, two peaches, and a banana. They weren't very fresh, so I had to squeeze in half a lime to preserve the flavor and add some sugar to counter the bitterness of the lime. Served with a jam-filled croissant, this was a good lunch.

    Anyway, this is me. Took me a year and a half to grow my hair out that long.
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    RE: Who Are You?

    The fruit salad certainly looks very edible to me. A good picture of yourself, too. The hairstyle works.

    By the way, Somasol (in case he revisits this thread): I was going through some of the pictures again, and I never noticed it before, but I do wonder what kind of shop you were visiting in your first picture.
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