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    RE: Childhood TV Shows

    I used to watch MASK... not the green face guy in a yellow (pimp) suit. xD Though I did watch that too.

    Along with Ulysses 31
    Jayce and the wheeled warriors
    Sailor Moon (even been sad enough to make MMD pose data today of the sailor scouts xD)
    Outlaw star (back when I was 13-15ish... I now have the boxset, thanks to my amazingly wonderful fiancÚ)
    Shin Chan (lol)
    and many more... though I got banned from watching Ren and Stimpy and cow and chicken.
    I can drink water like it's tea.

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    RE: Childhood TV Shows

    Oh, almost forgot, Megaman! I remembered when I used to watch that as a kid when I was younger than 5....good times....good times.
    "We All Make Choices. But In The End, Our Choices Make Us."
    -Andrew Ryan

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