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Thread: fighting games

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    RE: fighting games

    Excellent tastes you two.
    Which reminds me of something that pertains to two of your major interests Lloyd.
    Gene and Kazuya.

    Found this awhile back on the DeviantArt.

    Armour King emanates win.
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    This was a good idea Mantis.

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    RE: fighting games

    Like most my age, I started with Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat. I was in the "SF is better than MK" group, because... well, because on a technical level SFII is a far superior Fighter than any of the classic MK games, which relied on simple button mashing and ludicrous, cartoon violence to shift copies rather than fine-tuned gameplay. I liked them both enough to play regularly, but eventually got sick of it all once 'Hadouken' (and related attacks) became common knowledge.

    You know what kids are like when they learn a new trick. It's all they ****ing do.

    I used to play Tekken a fair amount too. On release, I instantly preferred it over SF/MK, because it was so much harder to be a cheap spammy bastard with special moves, the 3D space allowed side-stepping shenanigans from day one (or at least it did with Kazuya), and the lack of projectiles almost completely removed the 'oh no I will just jump away and throw shit at him' tactic when you were close to chewing the floor (Yoshimitsu still had something very far-reaching though, and no that's not some dirty innuendo, you gutter-dweller).

    Then around T5, I sort of just lost interest, because things started getting 'typically Japanese*' and silly for what started as a relatively serious Fighter, with ONE OF THE WORST FINAL BOSS FIGHTS EVER. **** you Jinpachi.

    Around that time I also got into the DBZ Budokai series, B3 in particular. While this almost makes me a hypocrite (it's the definition of 'typically Japanese' -- but seeing as it's a game based on a manga/anime I was expecting it here because it works -- and DBZ is notorious for having almost every goddamn character throwing fireballs and energy beams/blasts all over the place at every opportunity), the gameplay was radically different from any other sort of Fighter; you could fly freely and teleport to dodge attacks, for a start, so just spamming Kamehameha waves would get you nowhere. And you would drain all your Ki and recieve a literal flying kick to the gob in return.

    It was fast, ridiculously addictive, and just plain ****ing fun to play.

    You didn't even have to be particularly good at B3 to enjoy it. Just get a room of people together, start a tournament mode, and listen as everyone shouts and swears and really wants to win. Great game, one that I have a lot of time for.

    *This is really difficult for me to explain, so I won't bother. Some of you might understand, some of you might call me a stupid racist bastard (and you'd be very wrong if you did), but I simply don't give a shit either way. That's my reason and I'm sticking with it.
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    RE: fighting games

    Original Street Fighter games come to mind. Those were always fun.

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