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    RE: The Walking Dead: The Video Game

    I've never really gotten into those TT games, Strong Bad etc. so not sure if I'll get into this one.

    Seems decent so far though but I would of preferred some sort of zombie sim type of thing like they did with Zombie Fort. That would of been much more epic even if it wouldn't of necessarily followed the novel/TV storyline at all.

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    RE: The Walking Dead: The Video Game

    Quote Originally Posted by Stewpot
    I'm not sure about this one, Usually video games of TV shows are awful but watching the gameplay it doesn't seem so bad. I'll see, I'm a fan of zombie video games aswell.
    This game is not from the TV show as they made this from the Comic novel instead of the TV show and right now the comic is at i think Novel 14 or 15.
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