• How would you feel if they recast the English actors?
  • How would you feel if they recast the English actors?

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    I wouldn't be exactly thrilled at the prospect of recasting it. For one, they kept the original dub for Cowboy Bebop so it wouldn't make since to me why Funimation would create a completely new dub for it. Not to mention, I associate the characters so much with their dub that it would personally be tough for me to shake that off when listening to the new cast. This especially holds true for Gene. Bob Bucholz had such a great old school voice that fit Gene so well that I don't know if any of the Funimation dub actors could really pull it off, except for maybe Troy Baker but it seems like he doesn't really do anime dubs anymore so he is out of the question.

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    Considering Bob Bucholz has been heavily involved in direction for a ton of games and anime, the other VA's still being active, I think it is unlikely that the actors would be replaced. The only one who is likely to not come back is Aisha, who is currently serving as a politician in Nova Scotia.

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