Touch (TV Series)

Anybody watched the first episode of this? I've got to admit, I'm a sucker for anything with Kiefer Sutherland in as he's a great actor. The second episode will broadcast in a day or two, I believe. I felt a little sceptical about this show, actually. Kiefer plays Martin Bohm, a widower with a severely autistic child. Now, that's not where my scepticism comes from, but from the fact he's "a mute boy who is obsessed with numbers and can predict future events." Eh, come on, how many times has this been done before? Whilst many autistic kids are very good at certain subject areas, none of them have super powers. Except maybe autistic savants, to an extent.

Regardless of the stereotypes I checked out the first episode and expectedly, Kiefer's performance was excellent, even though I was half-expecting him to lay the smackdown on someone after having watched so much 24 over the past decade. (For the record, he ended up getting clobbered at one point.) I recommend checking out the first episode (you should find it via on demand services or other places) and let us know what you think.