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Thread: Longest movies?

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    Longest movies?

    I know Lord of the Rings is up there when it comes to super long movies, but what are some others?

    I have a friend who is looking for some super long ones for a movie marathon thing she wants to do over Spring Break. She has time off work and is getting a group together to do a few days of watching different films.

    Can be new or old.

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    While not a single movie, you could recommend that she watches Grave of the Fireflies & My Neighbor Totoro back-to-back the way they were originally released in theaters. If i'm not mistaken, Totoro was supposed to dull the pain after watching Grave of the Fireflies, and they were shown as a double-feature in Japanese cinemas.
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    According to Wikipedia the longest film, called "Logistics", is nearly 36 days long.

    The project was filmed in real time during a trip to and in locations at a factory, following the route of the product's manufacture from the store in Stockholm where it was purchased to the factory in China where it was manufactured.
    In other words, it's a pretentious art project passing off as a film when it's just a stupid vlog. As far as actual long films that I enjoy go, Schindler's List is one that I need to watch again. I enjoyed it in my teens, although it was quite chilling. It's over three hours long.

    Like Schindler's List, it's been a long time since I've seen Saving Private Ryan, but it's a good one that's also long at nearly three hours.

    That's all I can think of off the top of my head.
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