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    So the local theater opened up to where I live again so me and a good friend of mine decided to head out to check this movie out. It's the first movie I saw in theaters since the Sonic The Hedgehog movie. I had a passing interest in this movie because of the talent involved. The screenwriter behind this wrote the script for John Wick and the movie's director previously helmed Hardcore Henry. So that, combined with the fact that I'm instantly slavish to any piece of entertainment involving excessive gun fights, I was down for this movie and I was not disappointed.

    So to bring you fellas up to speed, the movie centers around a former super spec ops agent turned family man who is dealing with not only the tedium of everyday life but the disappointment his family has in him after failing to stop a home invasion. One night he decides to embrace his inner badass once again after he decides to confront the people who broke into his home only to run into an altercation with a separate other set of dudes, one of which happens to be the brother of a powerful russian mobster. Said russian doesn't take his brother's beating all that well so he goes after our hero and, naturally, mayhem ensues.

    As you can see, the movie does have a somewhat similar set up to John Wick (Former assassin/spec ops/just badass in general trying to lead a quiet life only for circumstances that occurs that drags him back to his old life) but I would say this movie is a lot more over the top and flippant in it's tone. A lot of the fight scenes are crazy over the top to the point where it at times feels like an old school 'beat up game where the lead uses improvised weapons like fire extinguishers and a hand railing from inside a bus. Oh sure, there's plenty of gun action but we even get some set pieces that are inspired including a moment that I can only describe as Home Alone if it had more guns and blood.

    Technically, the film is very well filmed. The action scenes have energy to them but it never gets to the point where the action is hard to follow. I was pleasantly surprised by Bob Odenkirk, the lead actor of this movie. I know he is on Breaking Bad but I haven't seen him in anything else. From what I understand, his background is in comedy. Here though, he shows that he is actually a capable action hero. Christopher "Doc Brown" Lloyd shows up in this movie too and...well, I wont spoil too much but he gets in on the action and it's both hilarious and awesome.

    I had a great time with this movie. It's a great way to bring back the movie theater scene but regardless how you see it, I'd say you're in for a treat.

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    I think this dude is a solid actor having seen him in a few things (Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul being the bigger ones) so I might give this a watch.

    I love the line about the kitty cat bracelet LOL

    I haven't watched a movie in some time but when it comes out, I will give it a watch.

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    It sounds like a decent synopsis. I'm glad you got to give the "old normal" a try once again. I think COVID has probably doomed the box office since it's got loads of people trying on-demand services.

    I'm not meaning to make it all doom and gloom, but you should totally enjoy that cinema whenever you get the chance. Like with arcades, it's sad to say that they'll probably be a thing of the past soon enough. I do hope I'm proven wrong.

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