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Thread: The Predator

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    The Predator

    So they just released the trailer for the new predator movie.

    There really isn't anything about this movie that is really getting me exceited. I was hoping that with Shane Black at the helm (Whose past work I loved. Just check out Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) would help elevate the movie into something entertaining but, at least from what I see so far, that doesn't seem to be the case. Of course, trailers can sometimes be misleading so I'll reserve judgement when I see it.

    I can't say that I'm excited for the cast. The original Predator had some of the most badass, macho actors to grace the screen from Schwarzenegger to Carl Whethers, to Sonny Landham and Jesse Ventura just to name a few and one of the actors they get to fill those shoes is...Keegan-Michael Key? The hell? Don't get me wrong. I loved him when he was on Mad TV but I can't take him seriously as some badass action hero. He's going to be doing action movie stuff and I just feel like I'm going to have flashbacks to his taco bell skit

    I suppose it's a step up from Adrian Brody from Predators.

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    As we've previously discussed, I need to give the Predator series a proper watch as I can only really remember the second Predator from my childhood, and even that memory is fuzzy. All I can say is that it's probably going to be better than all of those "versus" films we've seen over the years. I hate to be that guy, but they kind of piss me off as I'm a bit nitpicky about universe-merging. It's kind of funny because I'm chilled about most things and don't point out anything else.

    I'll probably watch this if I end up enjoying the Predator series.

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    I like a few of the actors in this movie. Sterling K. Brown being one of them. I remember seeing the old movies from when I was younger but I really can't remember what happened. I guess because I only seen a few of them once. I know my brother had a lot of the toys. I used to take them out of his rooms to play "aliens" with my barbies LOL I'll probably watch this one when it comes out.

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