• Streaming services are slowly becoming cable
  • Streaming services are slowly becoming cable

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    Streaming services are slowly becoming cable

    I noticed since the growth of streaming services, things are changing. There isn't just a one-set payment a month you pay to have access to everything. Places like Netflix now how options according to what you will watch/use, increasing the price. TV shows are being divided up between the services so you no longer can find most of what you enjoy on Netflix, you have to go to Disney+ and Hulu too. Like sports and things of that nature, well you have to buy a separate streaming service for that.

    When all is said and done, you end up paying the same if not more than you would have just to keep cable and it is the same thing. Paying money to watch a small percentage of what they offer. Give them time and they will start using ads... oh wait, I think they already started that. lol

    smh lol

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    Cable originally didn't have ads either, since you covered that cost by paying for the cable in the first place. There isn't a single streaming service I use (unless you count YouTube as streaming? Not YouTube TV, just regular) so I couldn't care less. There are a few positives to this progression at least.

    1. consumers wake up and put a stop to these money-milking tactics
    2. people can no longer afford them and they lose popularity, thus I don't need to hear about TV shows from people as often. During my first few years at the office the number of people who tried to engage me with Game of Thrones talk and get me to watch the show was astounding.
    3. Competition is good. We are in that rabid growth phase where tons of companies are getting in on the action and figuring out what to charge for the service. It'll balance out in a few years, but it may remain expensive like cable.

    Don't get me wrong, cable is horribly expensive and I hope it crashes too. I don't watch TV and if certain companies were to go out of business then I could stop paying for the stupid cable we keep just so my wife can watch sitcom re-runs once or twice per week. Seriously, the most basic cable package in my area costs $120/month. They *say* it's $90 (already inexcusable) but then they hit me with a $20 "broadcasting fee" and $25 "sports fee".

    Next time a Boomer rolls up to you in his wheelchair and complains about how he can't afford oxygen or whatever, remind him that he spent $45,000 on cable TV throughout his lifespan and it's not your problem. That isn't even the package that comes with the porn channels. I can see the porn channels listed on the TV guide but nooooo I haven't paid enough & watched enough ads. I need to be a good little piggy and pay $200/month if I want something worth watching on my TV.
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