• So, um, the Justice League.
  • So, um, the Justice League.

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    So, um, the Justice League.

    Anyone brave enough to go see it?

    I went into Man of Steel hoping for it to be great. I was disappointed.
    I went into Batman v Superman expecting it to be bad. The opening sequence gave me hope, but I was still disappointed.

    I went into Justice League. Like BVS, the opening sequence was good and made me think "oh, this might be good". But I remembered BVS, so I kept waiting for it to get bad. But it never did.

    Review below:

    To be fair, the movie has its fair share of problems. The effects look generally worse here than in the earlier DC films, and there are some ridiculous greenscreen shots I can only imagine were added last minute when Whedon was cleaning up. (Though to be fair, it feels like some of his touch in other areas were good, if it were him.)

    The plot itself is a very standard "alien invasion" plot. Take Man of Steel's "terraforming" plot, blow it up to "Avengers" scale, and you have Justice League.

    But where the movie shines is the actual league itself. The biggest criticism of DC's newer films is that they didn't spend time building up the characters individually, like Marvel. But they really didn't need to with this.

    Batman's character is very driven by his failure in BvS. It fits his obsessive personality that lead him to be Batman in the first place. Lost his parents? Fight crime dressed like a bat. Have a hand in killing the worlds greatest hero? Spend the entire movie trying to build a team that can live up to his legacy. And its his search for the League members that grows him away from the deranged, broken maniac from BvS into a hero again.

    He's a little too "happy" at times, I think the movie overcompensates for BvS in that regard. But he's definitely Batman, in motivation and character.

    Wonder Woman is just as amazing as she was in her solo film and the end of BVS. If you liked her before, you'll like her now.

    The Flash is...weird. They're clearly looking to the tv show for inspiration but they dialed up the "awkward nerd" stat to 11 without fleshing much else out. Perhaps they're building up to Flashpoint and the Reverse Flash was particularly unkind in this universe, but he's still likable. It makes sense to see a guy whose power is "running away" be so green at actually fighting, and seeing him grow is delightful.

    Cyborg is cool. Brooding at first over being a robot, on bad terms with his dad who did it to him. But quickly evolves into a strong character.

    Aquaman is basically "Super Bro". He's crass and drinks beer and is a jerk, jumping into the waves to hard rock. He's actually kind of the weak link here, unfortunately. His characterization is good, but relegated to a gag scene, and he doesn't add much to the team this time around. Which sucks, because while people tease Aquaman's character, the biggest criticism is "what can he do when they're not near the ocean?" and the answer here is "sort of a dragoon/lancer thing? maybe?"

    Superman is back baby! And he smiles! And he cleans house. In BVS, they somehow made Superman saving people into a sad scene. Here, Superman is confident and competent. He's just strong enough to laugh at the competetion while still needing help given the sheer scale of the invasion. He's the tank, the big gun, the game ender. But he can't be everywhere and do everything at once.

    Overall! I really enjoyed it. I got to see heroes I liked be fun and likable and look cool. Apparently I'm in a minority, but really, it was a great time, I thought.
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    I saw it a few weeks ago. It was better than MoS and BvS but still not very good. Standard superhero plot about evil aliens wanting to destroy the world and only the heroes can stop them blah blah ect. Didn't care about any of the characters, not even Cyborg who was portrayed very differently from his appearance in Teen Titans, also Batman is a quipper? I mean really, Whedon? The CGI is laughably awful, it honestly looks worse than most superhero films from over a decade ago.

    Bottom line, it tried to be DC's The Avengers and failed at doing so.

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    Is Superman at least treated better in this movie? I haven't seen BvS, but Man of Steel was just a joyless, overly morose movie that seems to be made by people who think that the Dark Knight approach would be fitting to a character like Superman. The end of that movie was like the unholy fusion of Independence Day and Dragonball Z with Superman and Zod pretty much demolishing a good chunk of Metropolis and Superman not bothering with saving people which is like, you know, one of the things that define his character. I understand that they wanted to distance themselves from the Richard Donner movie, which is fine, but if you're movie is going to talk about the lead character being a symbol of hope, it's hard to do that when the last half of the movie brings up 9/11 imagery.

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