Recently football (Soccer) is now about the financial capacity and capability of a club to invest heavily in buying top quality players. With these excess funds, some football clubs would become almost untouchable and likely unbeatable.

This happened in German Bundasliga and I personally hated watching such league. Bayern Munich had the financial strength to buy all the top quality players in their league, even to the extent of buy all their opponents players thereby killing off any form of competition before the league started.

Now transfer window of last season 2016/2017 and this season 2017/2018 have seen the transaction of money we never expected. It's regarded as crazy. From the likes of Manchester United buy Paul Pogba for 120 million, Real Madrid buying G. Bale for 115 million, PSG thrashing all human reasoning by buying Neymar for 222 million and K. Mbbape for 180 million.

It's now clearly obvious that it's money that being played and not football. Recently, there are chatters of Real Madrid seeking to buy Harry Kane of Tottenham for 200 million in the upcoming transfer window. What do you make of this recent pattern football culture is taking?