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This forum uses the same monetary system as is used in Outlaw Star itself: wong. How can you earn wong? Though wong is only represented in whole numbers, doing some things can earn you "fractions" of wong which in turn will end up adding to your total wong. With wong you can earn achievements or buy items from the Item Shop. (Some items have limited stock.) You can also use it to play games at the Arcade or in the future, download some cool Outlaw Star stuff. First of all, let's have a look at how you can earn some chump change.

Basic Means of Earning Wong

New Post: 5W
This is simple enough. Post on a thread, and get paid five wong.

New Thread: 50W
Thread creation is highly favourable as it creates discussion. Thus, for each new thread you'll be paid a whopping fifty wong. Not only that, but if your thread becomes popular you'll get bonuses. (See below.)

New Poll: 10W
When you create a thread, if it includes a poll you'll get a ten-wong bonus. Obviously, only do this when necessary.

Per Character: 0.01W
This is a bonus for making a new thread or post. However, this won't work for short replies, such as in some forum games. See Minimum Characters.

Minimum Characters: 20
You'll need at least twenty characters in a post or thread you create as a minimum to be credited the Per Character bonus. (Of course, you shouldn't be creating threads with fewer characters than this in the first place!)

New Registration: 1W
Yep, one wong. That's all a new member gets. You've got to start with a penny. Gene started with chump change, and... well, he's still in debt. Moving on...

Per Poll Vote: 1W
For a simple poll vote, you'll get paid one wong.

Per Reply: 0.3W
This is a nice extra bonus for thread creators. For every reply a member's thread gets, he/she will get paid 0.3W. So if their thread gets one hundred replies, they'll get a 30W bonus. It's only chump change, but enough to waste time at the Arcade with.

Per PM Sent: 1W
You even get paid for those private conversations with other outlaws. One wong for each message sent.

Per Rate: 0.3W
It's not much, but every time you give a thread a rating you'll get this small bonus. Don't go rate-crazy; read the thread and rate it with level-headedness.

Per Page View: 0.01W
This is a very small bonus. It will add up over time and amount to a very small amount of chump change. It's simple; for every one hundred page visits you get a single wong. Hurrah!

Per Visit: 0.1W
This is how much you get paid for each time you visit the forum. Your session will time out after fifteen minutes.

Per Referral: 250W
Now check that out. This is a great way to earn wong. If you refer a friend you'll get 250W which will help you get rich in no time if you know a lot of Outlaw Star fans.

However, there are other methods you should use to increase your wong income...

Beyond the Basics

The Bank

Do you know much about compound interest? With compound interest, a figure will grow exponentially. In other words, it will slowly increase, but the greater the number, the more it increases, which will mean eventual large growths. And that is why your bank account is probably the greatest asset for earning wong.

There's a disadvantage to the bank though. First of all, you must pay a twenty-wong fee for every withdrawal and deposit. Secondly, you can't pay for things straight out of your account—hence why you must withdraw. Therefore, it's probably a good idea to try and rack up some wong over a period of a week or so, and stash about 80% of it in your bank account. Keep depositing gradually but keep some wong on hand.

The interest rate is a 9% increase every week. That means if the week passes with one thousand wong in your account, that will increase to 1090. A week later that would be 1188. This will keep increasing to a pretty good figure soon enough, but still nothing incredible. That's if you don't add anything to your account. If you keep adding to your balance the growths will undoubtedly help you get rich.

To access your bank account, you can either visit the Item Shop or view your Inventory at the top of each page when you're logged in. You'll see a link to the bank at the left.

Special Achievements

Special Achievements are a very good way to earn more wong. Not only do they encourage more interaction socially with other members and extra sections of the forum, but many will come with a wong award for earning them. You will need to request these achievements from Fred Luo, if you dare. Please read the Achievements Guide thread for more information.

Games Arcade

This one's a bit of a risk. Think of it like gambling. You could end up with more than you came in with, but odds are you'll get hooked and end up spending far more wong than you'd anticipated. However, if you're a particularly skilled gamer you could gain a lot of wong through playing games and becoming a champion. Some consider the Arcade a worthy section of the forum to spend their wong on. That's down to your own opinion.

It costs ten wong to play a game, but if you get a high score you'll get paid twenty-five wong. If you become a champion, you'll get fifty wong. If you're good, with just a few plays you could potentially make some good income.


Oh, speaking of risks, there's this too. However, it may be a risk worth taking. It costs one hundred wong to buy a ticket. You can buy as many as you like to increase the odds of winning. There's already a prize of one hundred wong to begin with, but every time someone buys a ticket, the value is added to the pot.

In other words, if you paid one hundred wong for one ticket and fifty tickets were purchased in total, if you're a lucky sod you could come out with five thousand wong! That's half of what you need for a caster gun, and they're expensive.

Member of the Month

Please check the Member of the Month forum for more information. Those who become a Member of the Month will receive the following:

  • MotM Achievement
  • 1500 Wong (Achievement Reward)

Selling Items

This probably isn't such a good idea, but it is possible to sell many items purchased from the Item Shop. The problem is that you'll only get 65% of their total value, which makes it pointless for very cheap items. In addition, the more expensive items may not be able to be sold—especially those with limited stock. As a last resort option for whatever reason, you may want to consider this.

At the time of writing there isn't a lot in the Item Shop, but this will change in the near future. To sell items, you'll need to check your Inventory which can be accessed at the top of the page when logged in. Obviously, it will be empty if you haven't purchased an item from the Item Shop.

I hope this serves as a good guide for earning wong, and that you find it useful. Many things on this site are subject to change. You might want to think of it as still in its plastic wrapper. :p There may be more ways to earn wong in the future, or different things to spend it on. Stay tuned for more guides. Any questions, ask in the suggestions forum.

Good luck, outlaws.