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    Those Gaming moments

    If you play video games, chances are you've had two kinds of gaming moments. To put it in BaronOfStuff's words, the gaming moments are characterized either by

    or by

    Share your gaming moments with description, or with a snapshot you may have taken, or a video. Keep to a particular video game each post for pace purposes.

    I'll start things off.

    Rainbow Six Vegas 2

    "AW YEAH": When I found out you can blind shoot with the PSG sniper rifle and get pin point accuracy. In other words, you can easily pick off people from behind cover.

    "AW SHIT": Playing terrorist hunt on Import/export, opening a door to find that about 7 guys had all snagged on each other right behind it...before summarily annihilating me.
    Outlaw Star RPG

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    RE: Those Gaming moments

    Haha, awesome idea, lol'd at Baron's pics too once again. Nice, I have Vegas 1/2, but I'm getting through the first one to start with. I enjoyed putting people's faces in it! (I might try it with Gene for the lulz, but I can't imagine it turning out well...) Hmm, as for myself:

    Halo 3

    "AW YEAH": Getting the 'Perfection' medal in a match, which requires getting at least fifteen kills in a game and not dying.

    "AW SHIT": When you're stuck in a Team Slayer game against a bunch of Generals (usually very good players, although sometimes they suck and it's a purchased account) and your team consists wholly of headless chickens with no tactics whatsoever. Then they all quit, and you try to fight to the bitter end but RQ after being teabagged for the umpteenth time.
    Gene: "Have faith in me guys, enjoy the ride—you're in good hands. I can handle this. I can do it!"
    Jim: "How do you know?"
    Gene: "I don't!"
    Jim: "I knew it."
    Gene: "That's okay. There's a first time for everything!"

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