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    Outlaw Star Game - How Would You Make It?

    I hope this thread belongs here and not in the OS merch section. I also hope that this thread hasn't already been done. A quick forum search would has told me that it apparently hasn't.

    Anyway, if an Outlaw Star game were to be made for current gen consoles, what would you like to see in it?

    Personally, I'd like GTA "... IN SPACE!" kind of game, mixed with other obvious space sim elements. You should be able to build a custom ship from a ton of parts. enough parts to make sure almost everyone's ship is notably different. When in space, you should be able to do numerous things such as fighting with enemies, racing, and simply exploring. Also, you would be able to land on planets, to do missions, such as collecting bounties, trading, and buying property, and of course, pissing about. Gene's clothing and hair should be fully customizable. The game would have many different weapons, and land vehicles to buy (or steal).

    As far as the story goes, it should be set directly after Outlaw Star in my opinion. You should play as Gene, perhaps with other characters (both anime and game-exclusive) who you can recruit as followers, which would help you by shooting at enemies, etc. The ability to play through the actual story of the anime, should be an extra, at most. The music in the game would contain songs from the soundtracks as well as originals.

    To summarise, I think a sandbox bounty hunter sim, with vast open worlds, and loads of customization options would be perfect for an Outlaw Star game.

    What do you think?

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    RE: Outlaw Star Game - How Would You Make It?

    I think this is the appropriate section, and I'm not aware of any other threads like this.

    Man, where do I begin? This is something I've been thinking about for years now. I really like your ideas, Lloyd. Going by your vision, I also think it would have some similarities with Red Dead Redemption too. If you play it you'll understand, but the game has bounties and duels; two things that are present in Outlaw Star. I would personally exclude the idea of including the main story, though. It wouldn't work with a sandbox game. But after Outlaw Star's events, maybe so.

    As for my own thoughts, well, I'll start with the realistic, attainable by me approach. And that would be a game like the one I had dubbed "Asteroid Assault", which is basically an Outlaw Star-themed arcadey game, with of course similarities with Asteroids, but also a small narrative of sorts and dogfight bosses. I actually started that project back in 2008, but didn't have enough experience to tackle it confidently. I think if I returned to the project now, it's within my grasp, but my current Outlaw Star priorities are enough to deal with as it is.

    If I think ambitiously and don't restrict my imagination, my idea is, well, I guess like gaming Marmite. Some might love it. Others may hate it. It would be an expansive turn-based RPG lasting many hours. Unlike Lloyd's idea, it would be rather linear, but also more open-world than Final Fantasy since it would have a lot of side-quests to take on. It would also be a recreation of Outlaw Star's storyline, with all the fights you always thought would make epic bosses. (e.g. Shimi and MacDougall, and let's not forget the final boss. ) In addition, paying homage to the PlayStation's RPGs/other genres of the late '90s/early '00s, it would feature pre-rendered environments with a cel-shaded anime look, but with 3D battles and also 3D character/NPC models out of combat too. For an idea of the look of 3D models I have in mind, think of Fear Effect, but with decent graphics:

    I don't know of any game with pre-rendered backgrounds that look like anime does, so for a closer look at how impressive the pre-rendered look can be, even that long ago, I recommend checking out Final Fantasy VIII. Most impressive is when they combine the 3D models with FMVs. (Full-motion videos.) For a decent example, see the below video. I suggest skipping to 3:30.

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    RE: Outlaw Star Game - How Would You Make It?

    I had an ideea to make a mod on a space shooter game ( Freelancer ) I had a project with on my friend. I gave up not because it was hard to do, but didn't have free time to work on Pc, have lot's of project on high school and I wait the summer to have some free time to make the mod. I still have the script for mod (not completly).Still use the old programs
    Milkshape 1.8.2
    Milkshape 1.7.0
    Milkshape CMP importer version 1
    Milkshape CMP exporter version 2
    MIlkshape SUR importer version 1
    Milkshape SUR exporter version 2
    Milkshape Convex tool version 1
    Milkshape Convex tool version 2
    Fl Model tool
    Creating hitboxes for ships, or that matter anything in freelancer is easy. just remember one key point- you CANNOT have concave shapes in any hitbox you make. concave shapes render the hitbox useless (Freelancer's game engine seems to hate concave shapes). This is where the convex tool comes handy. no matter what shape you create. Still have the Rar.Script in USB folder.I will continue in summer and see what comes out !

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    RE: Outlaw Star Game - How Would You Make It?

    A sandbox experience like GTA would be awesome in space but I wouldn't mind an RPG either.

    I personally would go for the sandbox experience as well though as it's more open to fun possibilities although it probably wouldn't be as accurate as the show which is where the RPG would work out better.

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    RE: Outlaw Star Game - How Would You Make It?


    And with better horse physics.

    Serious answer: read Lloyd's post, with the addition of moderately customisable weapons (so no OP shit like Nuclear Automatic Casters -- in fact Casters/shells would have to be completely and utterly pre-set).

    And it would be NOTHING like that Star Trek TNG game on the GameBoy when piloting the ship.
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