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    Recommend me a sandbox game

    I feel like i should be playing something on PC, but I kind of get bored of everything, especially if it's too linear.
    I'd get a nice, big, good looking free-roaming game like GTA4, if my computer had the graphical capabilities. I Kept trying Oblivion, but my mods ended up f***ing it, and I can't be arsed to go through the re installation and all that jazz. I would simply take a step back, but I've already worn San Andreas and Morrowind to the bone.
    I'm not a graphics wh*re, but if games go back far enough, like, into the Isometric "3D" ghetto, then I get a little bit put off.
    A plot would be nice, but isn't entirely necessary. I'm kind of looking for something I can F*** about with and not have to devote a whole lot of attention to.
    So if somebody does know a PC game with a big open world, and open ended gameplay, that has relatively good graphics, then please make some recommendations.
    I realize these are some picky parameters, but just try to stick to at least the majority of them.
    Also, if the game is only available through steam, then I'm not interested, As good as their games are. Don't ask the reasons, just accept it.

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    RE: Recommend me a sandbox game

    I'd check out Just Cause 2, or Just Cause if your PC can't handle its sequel. Many say Just Cause 2 is vastly better than the original, but I still enjoyed the original despite its niggles. Decent sandbox games for sure! I would recommend Far Cry 2 which is more open-world-orientated than the original, but if your computer is quite old, like Just Cause 2 it probably won't be able to run it well.
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    RE: Recommend me a sandbox game

    Get STALKER, Call of Pripyat.

    It's fun and challenging whilst also being open roam.
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