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    Apex Legends Season 2

    If you play Apex Legends, the Season 2 is starting tomorrow. They are introducing a new character as well as some other new features. I started playing not too long ago and I actually enjoy it. I am not the best at it but for a free game, it can be a lot of fun with a friend or two.

    Anyone else here play? Are you looking forward to Season 2?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KorinKitty View Post
    Anyone else here play? Are you looking forward to Season 2?
    I've got one friend who played it for a week or two, but the season pass or whatever they attempted to sell really turned him off so he dropped it. I don't play Pinnacle Pros so I'm not allowed an opinion on the gameplay, but I hate EA's business tactics ("turn every $60 purchase into a $200 purchase") and the way they hyper-push political correctness so I'm more or less boycotting their games as a whole. From what i've seen the game looks fun though and I'm happy if you are having fun with it. Sorry to be the first response with a reply like this
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    Quote Originally Posted by Starwind55 View Post
    It deals with a demon virus that transforms people into freaky looking fuckers

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