• How Long to Beat YOUR Library?
  • How Long to Beat YOUR Library?

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    How Long to Beat YOUR Library?

    Mantis showed me a site where they calculate on average how long it'll take to beat (almost) all the games you own on Steam, free or not. All you do is give it your Profile ID (for example, if you went to my steam profile it'd be jrolik)...And it'll break down all the games it has on its database and the average time it takes people!

    See Site Here

    So...Put in your Steam and tell us: how long will it take to beat YOUR library? Also tell us anything that catches your attention. Did you notice games you don't remember having like I did?

    According to this, my library should take me about...142 Days and 7 Hours. Mind you this is only taking into account 44 our of 51 titles I own, and it includes some that have no timestamps and such. Apparently, the game that would take me the shortest amount of time at 20min is a Visual Novel I don't even remember having, Without Within. The longest is an idle clicker! Tap Tap Infinity averages about 1089h 30m! That's insane to me.

    That said, I'm pretty sure I'll take a lot longer than the average on certain games (I'm looking at you, QP Dangerous Shooting). But I think what really gives me a laugh...is that one of my 3 RPG makers (only 2 are on the list) has a timestamp. Apparently, you can 'beat' it in 2 hours! I've spent way more time on it than that and still suck with it...

    This makes me want to work harder though! And, y'know, play more games.
    What are your libraries like?
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    I think that the following website is better for direct linking to results, but... it's kinda embarrassing.
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