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    Destroy All Humans!

    A remake of this game came out yesterday and I decided to buy it to give it a whirl on my new PC. I remember owning it for the PS2 and liking it at the time but I didn't have a lot of memories of it but I figured "Why not" and get it to see how it holds up.

    To bring you fellas up to speed, it's kind of, sort of sandbox 3rd person shooter that takes it's inspirations from the cheesy alien invasion movies of the 1950s complete with squeaky clean Beaver Cleaver setting, communist paranoia, and that "wooooOOOOooo" music. You play as an alien invader who has come to earth to kick earth's shit in. It's broken down into levels but you can revisit previous locations that you beat to roam around, do minigames or just murder and decimate everyone. It gives you quite a bit to do just that. You have telekinetic powers that you can use, when upgraded, to pick up just about anything and throw them (This is especially fun with cows). Of course, you get stuff like an electric ray gun, a gun that dissolves people like in Mars Attacks and of course, the anal probe because this is an alien invasion game, damn it, and it would be sacrilegious if it didn't have an anal probe weapon. Of course, you have a flying saucer where you can go Independence Day on everyone's ass and level whole city blocks. It's not perfect. It has some missions that had annoying trends from the mid 2000s. Remember when there was mandatory stealth sections where, if you got caught, you failed the mission and had to start that segment over again? Yeah, it's in this game and it sucks now as much as it did back then. Not to mention, outside of said minigames and such, there's not much else aside from blowing shit up so some folks will probably get turned off by that.

    It's story is a lot of fun. The story is done in a silly, tongue in cheek manner that has a lot of funny missions that you get involved in like killing mad scientists who are creating radioactive, exploding zombie cows, disguising as a mayor to try to sucker the populace into thinking that there is no alien threat (Which really comes down to blaming everything on commies), and a mission where you try to use TV antennas to broadcast a message from the alien mothership only to cause everyone's heads to explode. What adds to the humor is Richard Steven Horvitz (He did voice work for shows like Billy and Mandy and Invader Zim) voicing your leader. Seriously, his performance is some of my favorite parts of the game where even hearing him giving you orders is fun to hear. That, and there's something funny about the way he would yell "SUPERB!!" When you blow up a building or zap a bunch of dudes. The other voice work is solid too but Richard steals the show in this one.

    It's not a game I'd pay 60 bucks for but at the 30 dollar price range, it's not a bad package. I'd say if you want a 3rd person action game that's a bit more on the silly side than you'd probably would dig this one.

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    Oh man, I have memories playing this on PS2 with my Dad! He's big into aliens/cryptids/etc. so he got a real kick out of this depiction of aliens. I've been thinking about replaying them.
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    It deals with a demon virus that transforms people into freaky looking fuckers

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