In case you folks aren't up to speed, Diablo Immortal was announced as a new mobile game and the fans weren't exactly pumped to put it mildly.

I'll give it credit for one thing though and that it put Diablo back in my mind and figured that a thread for it is in order. The funny thing is I didn't play much of the first game. I recall my older brother being really into it at the time. It wasn't until Diablo 2 was when I really got hooked on it. The game was simple but it was so addictive and the combat was so fun, especially with the classes and builds you had. I mainly played as a paladin which is weird for me since I typically go with barbarians in games like these but it felt good all of the same. Diablo 3 I did enjoy though I agree the art style didn't really fit with the past games and I thought they tried to make it this grand, epic fantasy tale and not the darker, more gothic and moody stylings of the first two games. Not to mention that it had some stupid stuff like the auction house and the fact that you pretty much had to be online at all times to play it.

So what are your thoughts? Did you grow up with the series? What class or build did you like? Did the announcement of Diablo Immortal make you laugh/cry/hurl?