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    The Elder Scrolls?

    These are my favourite games, ever since Oblivion back in 2007. Although I didn't play it much, I did like it. But when Skyrim came out, I was won over in an instant. The game play is excellent and the quests are more than interesting. There are many options and places to explore that you simply can't "complete" the game - it's impossible. I'd played for years and there are still things I haven't done. Some quests are difficult, some are puzzling and some are a piece of cake.

    You can have a house in each city and if not a house, then buy land in some holds. You get your own housecarl, who can be your follower and carry things around for you, if you ask him to. You can become a warrior or a mage, or even something in between. You can be the leader of the thieves or assassins or even the archmage at the College. You get to save the world from the evil dragon, Alduin, the world eater and you can tap into the forbidden lore of Hermaeus Mora with his Black Books. Possibilities are endless. A hero or a villain, it's your choice.

    What do you think of The Elder Scrolls? Which one is your favourite?

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    I'm really awkward with games that have blood, so it took me a long time fiddling with the settings before I was comfortable playing Oblivion. But while I only play it at random spurs of the moment, I rather enjoy it. The graphics are nifty, and I randomly enjoy sneaking into places and stealing from guard towers. I just can never get past that stupid quest to steal a sword for the thieving guild...xD
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