Awhile ago, I did a thread discussing our favorite video game shotguns so I figured I'd move on to another common video game weapon-the sword. Whether you like 'em over the top and down to earth, we can talk about our favorite swords, either if you like it because of how powerful it is or even if you just think it looks damn cool. There's no wrong answers here...except if your favorite sword is a katana which makes you a filthy weeb who can't handle superior european steel (I'm kidding...mostly)

Anywho, one that comes to mine is the crusader sword from Oblivion.

Favorite video game sword-sword_of_the_crusader-jpg

One of the things I always loved about Oblvion was how down to earth the weapons and armor were (For the most part anyway) and wasn't over the top and garish like you see in modern fantasy stuff like World of Warcraft or some of the artwork for the newer Dungeons and Dragons manual. I think the crusader sword is a great example of this. It has things that give it some style (I particularly love the jewel pommel) but it's not that far of a stretch from a real world sword. That, and it sets people on fucking fire when you hit them with it. If that doesn't scream awesome, I don't know what does.

Speaking of real world swords, I've been replaying Kingdom Come: Deliverance lately and I feel like I gotta talk about St. George's Sword.

Favorite video game sword-maxresdefault-jpg

I wish I had a better screenshot that showed the sword in full but I couldn't find one of good quality so this will have to do. Anywho, this sword is a beast. When you level up your strength, combined with the bonus attack perks that you can get in this game, it makes you borderline unstoppable. Even if your enemy is decked in plate armor, just a few whacks from this baby and they're down for the count.

Now let's hear yours!