• Anyone going to follow E3?
  • Anyone going to follow E3?

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    Anyone going to follow E3?

    It starts in about 2 days. I normally don't follow it or watch any of the presentations but I might tune in a bit this year. I'll have to see when they are showing what. I do want to see if there are any new games coming out for the Switch. I know they announced some already (Nintendo) on their own.

    EDIT: Well I already messed up. I thought it didn't start till the 12th and there are already 2 days worth of stuff that happened. LOL!

    I guess I am not following it another year. I'll keep an eye on Tuesday for Nintendo but I missed half of what they showed already.

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    Actually, this E3 has been really awesome this year. First up, they announced Devil May Cry 5 which looks incredible. Visually, it's giving me RE6 vibes but the gameplay looks spot on and I grinned like an idiot seeing Dante in the end. It looks like it's going to be a hell of a time.

    They've also announced Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. This is also looking interesting. It seems From Software looked at Nioh and decided to do their own take on it. Looks pretty fun so far, though it's being published by Activision so I'm hoping they don't mess with From Software's vision too much.

    Now, those announcements have me hyped and looking forward to next year which would be and this would be a pretty good way to end the night...but oh no...ohohohoho no because they saved the best for last...a game that I wasn't expecting but got super excited when I saw the trailer...


    Anyone going to follow E3?-tumblr_o41v2pjc4x1qg78wpo1_500-gif

    Sorry, sorry. Got a little too excited there. But still, this E3 has been on a role this year so I'm curious to see what else is going to be announced.

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    I wish I had seen this thread earlier, but maybe we can do a post-E3 wrap-up? I did follow it pretty closely and a lot of YouTubers' (who are industry insiders) summaries as well. The one I cared about the most was the Squeenix show, but as is my luck, it was notoriously bad. I watched their stock drop live throughout the day, they lost 4.7% of their value, the blowback was so rough. I'm looking forward to the new From Software game and Death Stranding.
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