• Things you want to see more of in games
  • Things you want to see more of in games

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    Things you want to see more of in games

    I figured I'd do a thread where we can talk about what we'd like to see in a potential video game. It can be anything like maybe a gameplay feature you'd like to see more often, a setting that isn't used all that much or just about anything really. Whatever crosses your mind.

    A gameplay feature I personally wish to see more often is more involved swordplay, specifically in single player games. It's not something that I see get implemented often. Sure, you have games like Chivalry or Mordhau that has more meat on it in terms of swordfighting but on the single player front, I don't see a lot of effort put into this. A great example of this issue is the Elder Scrolls series. Great games, but it's sword play mechanics are very basic. Just hold the block button to deflect attacks and then slash at the enemy until it dies. In fact, the swords in those games feel less like swords and more like clubs. I'd love to see more games with swordplay that focuses on defense, footwork, parrying attacks and the like. Something more akin to this.

    The only game I can think of that does this was Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The system wasn't perfect but I think it does a wonderful job of making the swordfights you get into feel like actual duels and not just you swinging your weapon like crazy at enemies. I wish more games look at this type of system for inspiration for their swordplay.

    A setting I'd love to see more of are police themed games. Sure, there are games out there where you play as a cop but you do very little police work. I'd love to see a game where you do police procedural stuff like investigating crimes, arresting criminals and the like. It would be cool if the game lets you play as either a straight laced cop that does things by the book or you can go full on Dirty Harry and Marion Cobretti mode where you throw due process out the window and just gun down crooks. There was a game called True Crime: Streets of L.A that did this to an extent but I'd love to see an open world game where you take on a role as a cop trying to bring order to a crime-ridden hell hole.

    I'd also love to see more wild west games. Outside of stuff like Red Dead Redemption and Call of Juarez, we don't really get a lot of games with this setting. I've always found it weird since that setting is so ingrained in our pop culture that I'm surprised that we don't get more games with this type of setting. I've always wanted to see an Elder Scrolls style RPG that had a wild west setting where you can choose your occupation (Bounty Hunter, Sheriff, Bank Robber, ect.) and you had wild west inspired skills you can invest in and your decisions change the story as you progress.

    Anywho, those are my thoughts. What's yours?

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    Rather than more of a particular genre or gameplay style, I want games that subvert my expectations. I play games for their stories more so than the rest of you here, so my answer may be a bit off the target of what you were expecting. I can't give an example of exactly what I want to see because I want to be surprised. However, I can give some examples of games (or certain portions of them) that gave me the feeling I was looking for.

    Let's get the elephant out of the room, NieR is the king of this approach. It doesn't matter if you've played the other Drakengard games, or even if you've jerked off a bunch to 2B from Nier: Automata, it is simply out of the realm of possibility for you to guess what happens in NieR or how it plays. Some of the game is time travel, shoot-em-up, beat-em-up, bullet hell, text adventure, etc. Parts of the game/series rely on you watching a canon stage play. And...

    Huge spoiler
    One of the game's endings is SO severe that it deletes all your save files and you need to do it to yourself by choice.

    The list of what that game does right in order to make an impact on players goes on and on. I like to think of Yoko Taro as a more effective Hideo Kojima. They both make sort of funky games that subvert expectations, but whereas Kojima is really heavy-handed with his basic bitch themes (NUKES BAD. CONNECT WITH OTHER PEOPLE. BRIDGES. STRANDS. SOCIAL MEDIA BAD.), Yoko Taro is rather blunt and doesn't necessarily have a message or motive behind the events in his games.

    Some Yoko Taro love:
    Things you want to see more of in games-yoko-taro-2b-amp-039-inspiration_o_7269986-jpg
    Things you want to see more of in games-hn9psrqx2c7ry1txxmr4sbfouo7cnmxerdqpebn1d6g-jpg
    Things you want to see more of in games-skt08zpp1o521-jpg
    Things you want to see more of in games-untitled-png
    Things you want to see more of in games-yoko-png
    Things you want to see more of in games-yoko-taro_59cfec_6248777-jpg
    Things you want to see more of in games-z4cjcyu-png

    Another game (well, technically a series because there are 2) is Frog Fractions. If you don't know what Frog Fractions is, then play it. It takes like 15 minutes to complete and I refuse to spoil it.
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